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Active Projects:

CHOBU Group’s Building Science Analyzer App is an on-going research project of one of our Engineering Design teams. It currently includes over 100 functions in lighting, noise control, acoustics, HVAC, cost estimating, structures, and solar systems, that provide expert assistance during the early building design stages.  

Welcome to CHOBU Group's Building Science Analyzer App . . .

The development of a Building Science (BSc) Analyzer App is an active internal research project of CHOBU Group's Engineering Design team.

Architecture is a design intensive discipline that calls for both a high level of creativity and a great deal of technical knowledge. While the architect strives to design a building that is aesthetically pleasing, the completed building must meet a host of performance requirements that are mandated not only by government regulations but also by the financial and operational expectations of the building owner and the building occupants, respectively.

The technical areas include daylighting, artificial lighting, noise control, heating, cooling, room acoustics, building structure, construction costs, energy conservation, and more. While the architect will engage engineering experts for the detailed analysis and design of each of these components, for practical reasons these consultants typically commence their work only after the overall design of the building has reached an advanced stage. At that stage any major changes in the overall design of the building are difficult to accommodate, time consuming and expensive.

The objective of this BSc Analyzer App is to provide the building designer with tools that can be used during the early design stages to produce a conceptual building design that will not require fundamental changes during the detailed design stage when the technical consultants produce their final solutions.

Click here to try out a partially completed pre-release version on your computer or tablet:

Buildng Science Analyzer
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