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The acronym CHOBU, which stands for Contrast-Harmony-Order-Balance-Unity was coined by our former colleague, the late Professor Art Chapman, as a teaching aid for his design students at Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, California). It reflects the need for any successful design solution to be seen as an acceptable compromise among multiple requirements and desires.


The Deeper Meaning of CHOBU

Contrast-Harmony-Order-Balance-Unity (CHOBU) has an aspirational component that is embraced by CHOBU Group. While each of these terms represents a design objective that is not only highly desirable but also achievable, to produce a solution that achieves all five of them appears to be near impossible. At the very least it will require the pursuit of a high level of perfection and a willingness to look-out-of-the-box in search for new methods to create solutions and achieve results that were hitherto not possible. CHOBU Group strives to infuse these qualities not only into its software systems, but also into the manner in which its team members collaborate empathetically with each other and CHOBU Group serves its customers.

Deeper Meaning of CHOBU
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