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What are Intelligent Software Agents?


Software agents are coded modules with built-in reasoning capabilities. A simple example of a reasoning capability is an if … then statement. For example, in the transportation domain: if the locational coordinates received from the truck-mounted GPS device have not changed for the past 12 minutes, then the truck has been stationary. The combination of a sequence of such if … then statements with the context provided by a virtual information model leads to a powerful automated decision-assistance capability. CHOBU’s software solutions typically incorporate multiple agents, each focused on a particular aspect of the application domain. For example, CHOBU’s iCADS+software system for building design includes Daylight, Electric Light, Noise Control, Room Acoustics, and Thermal agents, each with expertise in its focus area. Operating in background the agents continuously monitor the evolving design solution, collaborating with each other while alerting the human designer to conflicts and assisting in the resolution of such conflicts.

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